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Policy Paper Sections 5.1 through 5.5 (July 2011)

Director(s) of Scheduling. Whenever in this Policy Paper the term Director of Scheduling is used, it will mean those Board member(s) or person(s) so appointed holding that position, or, in the event that ice scheduling and game scheduling are assigned to each Division, the person in the Division responsible for ice scheduling and/or game scheduling. The Director(s) of Scheduling shall schedule practices and games for SYHA teams and Divisions subject to the provisions of this Policy Paper and in consultation with the President and with the Vice President of On-Ice Operations. 

Opponents. All SYHA teams will play teams in the same age classification. This will not preclude scrimmages between SYHA teams in adjacent Divisions, provided that USA Hockey rules for the younger Division shall apply (e.g., no checking in a Squirt-Peewee scrimmage). 

Practice to Game Ratio. The Director of Scheduling will prepare a Master Schedule of home ice allocation by Division, and will schedule all practices and home and away games for the travel teams in all Divisions. SYHA believes that both practices and games are essential to player development, and that hockey and other player and family commitments must be appropriately balanced. Each year, the Director of Coaching, in consultation with coaches and Division Directors, will evaluate the ratio of games and practices and work with the Director of Scheduling to create appropriate overall guidelines for SYHA. 

SYHA recognizes the constraints of the cost of participation, CHC game requirements for tournament eligibility, the relatively late start of the SYHA season, and limited ice availability all have an impact on this ideal ratio. Each Division Director will assist the Director of Scheduling to allocate ice time within the Division so that travel teams attain a minimum 1:1 ratio. To the extent practical, the Director of Scheduling will attempt to minimize periods during which several games are played without intervening practice time. SYHA endorses the use of half-ice practices as the most practical way to maximize the utilization of ice time and achieve the desired practice to game ratio. Occasionally, the Director of Scheduling may make full-ice practice times available to Travel Teams. 

Cancellations; Schedule Changes. The Head Coach may, in consultation with the Division Director, cancel a game or practice. The Head Coach or team manager will notify the Director of Scheduling as soon as possible, who then will facilitate the cancellation of any scheduled home or away Travel Team or House team game. The Director of Scheduling is the only person authorized to change the Master Schedule or to reschedule lost ice time. 

Game Frequency. As a general rule, teams should play games only on weekends, and only play one game per day. While not encouraged, occasional local weekday games are permitted.