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Amended October 2020



Inclement Weather:  Practices cancelled by the rinks due to inclement weather will be communicated to impacted teams by the SYHA Master Scheduler  Coaches and team managers are asked not to contact rinks directly.

NOTE:  Rinks will rarely cancel ice due to inclement weather.  In this scenario, practices will be held at the discretion of the Head Coach.  Families should always use personal discretion.  

Any decision to cancel a practice (for any reason) should be communicated to the SYHA Master Scheduler as soon as possible so that ice can be reallocated accordingly.



Please refer to 2020-21 CHC Declaration Rules for game cancellation rules and impacts to tournament eligibility.  

  • Head Coach/Game Scheduler needs to communicate with visiting team as early as possible.  Please make every attempt to cancel games more than 48 hours in advance of the game to avoid IHONC cancellation fees and allow for reallocation of purchased ice.
  • For HOME games that need to be canceled, notify the SYHA Master Scheduler immediately so that referees can be cancelled and ice can be reallocated.  
  • If canceled game is mandatory CHC league game, the game scheduler needs to work with the visiting game scheduler and/or SYHA Master Scheduler to look for available make up dates and ice.