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Thank you for your contribution to one or all of the following organizations or programs:  Simsbury Youth Hockey, Friends of Simsbury Hockey, and the James A. Stover Scholarship.  A description of each is below.  Please contact the  with any questions regarding your donation.


             To make a SYHA Credit Card Processing Fee Donation, click here

Simsbury Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) incurs over $15,000 in credit card processing fees each season (2.8% plus $0.30 per transaction). To help control some of these costs, please consider making your dues payments via check payable to Simsbury Youth Hockey and mailed to P.O. Box 62, Simsbury, CT 06070.  

If you prefer to pay by credit card, credit card processing fee donations are greatly appreciated (but not required). While any amount is appreciated, we suggest the following per player (by division).  Donations can be made online or by check and will be used solely to offset credit card processing fees only.


Mite House   $10.00
Squirt / PeeWee House  $15.00
Mite U8 Travel     $45.00
Squirt U10 Travel       $50.00
PeeWee U12 Travel  $60.00   
Girls Travel        $30.00
Bantam U14 Travel  $60.00
Midget U18 or U16  $30.00
Girls High School Split Season U19  $25.00



             To make a donation to the Simsbury Youth Hockey Association, click here

Simsbury Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) is organized to provide a recreational amateur hockey program with an emphasis on skill development and competition.  SYHA recognizes a broad range of abilities and commitment among its participants and seeks to place enrolled players with similar desires and assessed abilities together on teams or in similar groups to maximize enjoyment for all participants.  Donations will be used to support ongoing general operating costs.




      To make a donation to the Matt Heagney Friends of Simsbury Hockey, click here.

Friends of Simsbury Hockey is organized to promote and celebrate the men's and women's hockey programs at Simsbury High School.  At their annual Golf Tournament Fund Raiser, The Friends of Simsbury Hockey has combined with Simsbury Youth Hockey as both organizations share a common objective.  With our collective efforts, together we can achieve our goal of increasing support of the girls' and boys' hockey programs for the Town of Simsbury.


The James A. Stover Scholarship Fund


To make a donation to the James A. Stover Scholarship Fund, click here


In October 2003, James A. Stover, an SYHA skater, died tragically in a sudden accident while playing on a beach at Block Island.  He was seven years old.  Among James's many passions was hockey, and his zest for life and happy attitude were always with him on the ice.

To honor his spirit, we created a scholarship fund to enable any player to participate in the SYHA program, regardless of financial ability.  Many parents and players have generously donated to this fund and SYHA raises funds throughout the year to enable as many players a possible to benefit from this generosity.

In order to qualify, a family needs only to fill out the application form and attach a copy of the previous year's IRS Form 1040.  The application is reviewed - in strictest confidentiality - by a three member sub-panel of the SYHA Board of Directors consisting of the President, VP-Operations and Treasurer.  Scholarships are awarded strictly based on financial need. 

Questions regarding the scholarship may be directed to:

aul Melanson
President SYHA
P.O. Box 62
Simsbury, CT 06070

Click on the Link below to open the Stover Scholarship Application

Stover Scholarship Application